February 24, 2024
5 New Ways To Get 4K Watch Hours On A Church YouTube Channel

Let me teach you how to To Get 4K Watch Hours On A Church YouTube Channel

5 New Ways To Get 4K Watch Hours On A Church YouTube Channel

How To Build 4000 Watch Hours for Church YouTube Channel

We have discovered that the modern day church cannot thrive without having an active YouTube channel. YouTube is the most popular online video platform that can be equally monetized and become a major source of income for the church.


Why Every Church Should Read and Adopt our New Strategies….

One out of five churches today have a YouTube channel  but they are mostly  not vibrant, active and actually building 4000 watch hours with ease . we would reveal these strategies to you for free and by the time you implement  them.


Cheap Ways To Build Four thousand  Watch Hours for Church YouTube Channel

  • Create a Fanbase &  Social  Media Community Department in Your Church.

Church is becoming a very big and technically oriented organization to manage in recent years. if not well handled it could loose it’s online value and presence. The essence of creating a social media fanbase is to build the online presence of the church. Due to the massive impact of technology in churches today, there is need to do ministry with global mindset, mentality and consciousness. Most churches who have broken through globally ,went through the passage of the social media space through you tube.

So every church must actually build a team of committed young people who can be fanatics of the message and doctrines on the church.

One of the benefits of creating a social media fanbase is that you have a lot of people standing with their pastor , and the beliefs of the church online. Most critics against God, Church and pastors, do it online. Therefore the church must have a social  media army that are online. This is not to say that church members should go out fighting and insulting people but just having a strong position against those who are anti-Christ, anti-God, anti-


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  • Provide Free Internet Services(WIFI) During Fellowship or Worship Service Days

After you have created a community of social media fans within the church , you have to now provide free internet for them to watch the church live stream. Like my church recently got the star link Internet Router By Elon Musk .

The truth is our Youtube subscribers have increased and watch time as well we can, if you adopt same procedure, you will get the same result. The reason people don’t engage most times in church activities is because of data challenges. Data is very costly in Africa. However the church can step up and provide free internet services and let there be easy accessibility to the internet. i know a few popular churches who have this as a major strategy to grow their youtube channel and gain watch hours of over 4,000.



  • Hire or Train  A Dedicated Social Media Director and Content Creator. 

A church should be should be a spiritual organization with a touch of excellence. Most people feel the church runs on only spiritual templates and processes. I don’t believe this is true because you cannot operate all by spirituality in a physical and real world. Guess what most secular organizations run on this principle on doing the right thing. Social media must be handled with spirituality within the confines of the church but should get expertise to handle content creation of the church.

The average church should have their church pastor preach a minimum of 3 times a week. All these messages and the contents can be developed into a social media materials for you tube. You tube is particular about originality and every time your pastor preaches, a content is available. A social media director or content creator is hereby needed to also coin out the very intriguing excerpts from the message and hand over to the church video editor who creates amazing videos for you tube and it’s millions of users.

Other areas of content creation for the church include movies shot by the drama department of the church or even the ones acted during the services, youth conferences and get-together, couples hang-outs and many more. A church that must spread and make impact on the global space must get a social media manager that would supervise content creation for the church’s YouTube channel.



5 New Ways To Get 4,000 Watch Hours On A Church YouTube Channel



  • Do Online And Evangelism Reward strategy  For Your Channel

This is a very potent but under-estimated way to grow a You tube channel. Most churches focus only on  advertising programs  but not advertising their YouTube channels. This is very essential, The pastor should come up with creative strategies on how to create a reward system. Recently my pastor gave airtime to all members who told people to subscribe to our channel.

The secular world understands this things more. The bible says in Luke 16:8 KJV. And the lord commended the unjust steward, because he had done wisely: for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light.

Marketing companies across the world have caught wisdom that gives rewards for bringing people. This could pass as motivation for some members and This is not me insinuating that members should be paid for kingdom service rendered, rather these periodic rewards can get a lot done.



  • Engage the department of the church to Create Useful Contents For The Channel.

This is the last on the List and probably one of the most effective. The reality is that every content you need is not outside your church but inside. There are lots  of people who are extremely talented and can pull of good contents if they are helped to do so. Take for instance, The average church must have the following departments.








Evangelism Unit,

Prayer Unit and lots more….


If all these departments mentioned  above focus on doing and  creating contents in relation to their departmental functions, The church youtube account will be very engaging thereby drafting more subscribers and giving them even above 4,000 watch hours.


Please share this post to your loved ones, Pastors and church members. it would help to build the youtube page and gain good watch hours.



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5 New Ways To Get 4K Watch Hours On A Church YouTube Channel

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