February 29, 2024
Super-Testimony: How God Healed Me Of Strange Weakness!!!

Super-Testimony: How God Healed Me Of Strange Weakness!!!

Testimony: How God Healed Me Of Strange Weakness!!!

 How God Healed Me Of Strange Weakness

Praise the Lord with me.

I am here to return all the glory to God. Few weeks ago, I was doing very well. I was healthy and agile. not until Friday night that I went to bed very strong, just for me to wake up the following day, being Saturday and I realized that I couldn’t even get up from my bed.

At first, I thought it was the stress, I had to sleep again, and before I knew what was happening I started feeling pains all over my body, and my bones were weak. Every one that saw me knew that what happened to me was not ordinary.

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When they asked me all I could answer was, even me I don’t know myself, and I will have to be in church on Sunday.

Sunday Morning, the thing became worst, but I didn’t give up, I knew within me, that after the service I will be alright.

When I got to the church, and when it was time to pay tithe, while people came out to pay their tithe, and I happened to be a tither too. And while my pastor  was blessing us with his hand on our heads freedom from satanic chain, when it got to my turn, and when daddy put his hand on my head, it was as if the hand of daddy on my head was double.


Healed Of Strange Weakness

And after that encounter, I had a dream and in my dream, a man brought me to a place and asked me to chain myself and because I was weak and helpless, I obeyed. But before I could do it, that same hand that rested on my head during the tithe I went to pay my tithe and offering came upon my head and the chain broke off. Not that did chain break off me, the chain also disappeared.


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So I am here to glorify


Church: The Elites Church Global  Port Harcourt Nigeria


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Prayer for you…

Whatever area of concern you desire a testimony, Be it your health, Family , Business, Career, Marriage, Children and more..May God give you a surprise package in the season. Can i hear your amen in the comments section


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