November 28, 2023
Testimony: Woman Healed Of Pile After Prophetic Prayers

Testimony: Woman Healed Of Pile After Prophetic Prayers

Testimony: Woman Healed Of Pile After Prophetic Prayers

Testimoinies are the wondrous acts of God demonstrated in the affairs and lives of Men




This pile had disturbed me for several years, i had treated severally but to no avail .

I want to appreciate God for the gift of life, although I am not where I want to be, but I am not where I used to be. Before the 7days fasting and prayers programme, I had a pain in my anus. I asked a nurse close to my house, how does pile disturb somebody? She told me that, there are 2 types of piles;

  1. There is one that, when you use the convenience, it produces excruciating pain
  2. The second one is the one that is already a full blown pile. And the only solution to that types of pile is operation or divine healing. She now told me that I am too young to go for that. And immediately I told her, God forbid.

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So during the fasting and prayer exercise, I presented the case before God, and I prayed about it seriously and I took my mind from the matter.

On Sunday, after the programme, I checked myself, to the glory of God, I couldn’t find pain again.

Praise God with me.

Testifier: Sister Pamzy

Church: The Elites Church Global Port Harcourt, Nigeria



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