February 27, 2024
The Tech-Advantage Of The 21st Century Church

The Tech-Advantage Of The 21st Century Church

Tech-Advantage Of  The 21st Century Church

The Tech-Advantage Of The 21st Century Church


What Options Can The Church Explore Through Tech Opportunities?

The Church Of Our Lord And Savior Christ Has Become An Ever Growing City Without Walls And In No Doubt A Predominant Force In The World Today. The Church As We All Know Is Not A Structure But About A People With Same Doctrinal, Moral And Spiritual Belief Systems . The Church Today Has Cut Across The Regiments Of The Buildings Into The Very Fiber Of Our Daily Activities And Being A Key Player In Politics, Economy And Key Industries. In Several  Countries Like Nigeria Who Have Massive Multitude, Now Have People Who Can Influence, Question And Talk To Power. This Makes The Church Open To More Opportunities To Expand And To Reach Out To The World In A Much More Easy Way.


See All The Tech Advantages  Of The Church In The 21st Century As At Today,


  • Online Services/ Online Prayer Meetings

The Church Is No Longer Limited As I Said Earlier To The Four Walls Of The Building But Can Now Reach Out To Millions Of People Across The World At Same Tome With The Help Of Live Streaming. CHURCHES SUCH As Winners Chapel, Redeemed And Many More Have As Much As 140 Nations Connected To Their Annual Conventions Streaming Live.

The Concept Of This Is Located In The Scripture That Says And The Knowledge Of The Glory Of The Lord Shall Cover The Earth As Waters Cover The Seas. The Beauty Of Online Services Is That As Long As The Person Has Faith Same Grace And Unction Can Be Replicated Wherever The Viewer Located. This Is Truly A Tech Advantage To The Church.

Sometimes  Ago Bishop Oyedepo Saw In A Revelation Where He Was Speaking From A Podium And He Was Being Listened To, Could This Be The Effect Today???

Tech advantage of the modern day church
Tech advantage of the modern day church


The YouTube Statistics Recently Shows That Churches Contribute Mostly Of Over 40%To Their Monthly Revenue Due To The Large Number Of Followership Of Members Of Programs Such As NSPPD, CATHOLIC LIVE MASS, Shiloh, Holy Ghost Convention And Many More.

Without A Doubt Online Services Are A Huge Tech Advantage To The Church Across All Nations Of The Earth. For Example Someone In Pakistan Is Connecting To A Service In Ghana And Receiving The Touch Of God Online.. This Is Amazing.



  • Departmental Virtual Meetings

The Church Is A Crux Of A Compendium Of Various Departments Who Work Effectively By Strategic Planning, Prayer And Processes. Many A Times It Has Proven Difficult For People To Really Make Physical Appearances During Other Days That Are Not Service/Worship Relate.

d (Sunday And Mid-Week Services. This Could Be As A Result Of High Cost Of Transportation, Insecurity Issues That Are Prevalent In Some Countries And Other Sardonic Factors.

The Tech Advantage Here Is That They Can Now Host Meeting Like These From The Comfort Of Their Homes Through Meeting On Apps Such As ZOOM, MICROSOFT TEAMS, WHATSAPP, And GOOGLE MEET. This In No Way Shoves Off The Importance Of Physical Meetings But Exposes The Advantages The Church Could Be On The Social Cyberspace.

the cyberspace advantages for the modern Gen-z Church
the cyberspace advantages for the modern Gen-z Church

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  • Online Publicity And Evangelism

This Is Another Tech Advantage Of The Church. The Provisions Of Sponsored Ads Are Of A High Benefit To The Church Today. For Instance, In My Church A Lady Saw Our Pictures On Facebook And Loved It. She Was Actually Based In Abuja Nigeria, And Was Over 10,000km Faraway But Still Found A Way To Locate My Church. Isn’t This Amazing?

This Points To Why Every Church Must Be On The Cyber Space, Spreading Jesus. Many Churches Spend Huge Amount Of Money To Promote The Gospel Online. Some Conferences Hold In Houston And You See Influx Of People From China. That’s What The Techy Church Would Experience. Churches Are Now Easily Planted Even Online. A Pastor Doesn’t Need To Travel From Nigeria To London To Open A Branch Of His Ministry; It Can Be Easily Done Online.



What Options Can The Church Explore Through Tech Opportunities?


  • First Timers Follow Up.

The Truth Is That It’s Not Exactly Easy To Do Follow Up On New Members And Old Members. The Tech Advantage Has Over The Years Provided Means To Aid The Ease Of Reaching Out To Members Through Bulk Sms, Birthday And Anniversary Date Reminders And Lots More. There Are Now Even Automated Church Cares Systems That Asks Members If They Are In Need So The Church Can Be Of Immediate Help



  • Data Base Systems/ Platforms

There Are A Lot Of Records Being Kept By The Church Such As, Names Of Members, Phone Numbers, Gender, and Date Of Birth, Marital Status, Employment Status And Many More. All These Records Are Now Easier To Keep Compared To The Old Days Where They Are Being Kept In Notebooks. In Short The Church Now Finds It Easy To Keep Records And Easily Pull Them From The Database/Cloud Drives. These Records Are Managed By The Church Database Administrator Or Secretary.


The Tech Advantage Of The 21st Century Church



  • The Continuity Of The Church In Cases Of Global Pandemic

It’s Quite Disheartening to Say That Some Churches Actually Faded of Away In 2020 Because Of The Covid Pandemic, Some Churches Even Closed Their Gates And Eventually Sold Their Churches And Sold The Building Off.

This Is Because They Never Explored The Tech Advantage Available. In The Same Covid Year Winner’s Chapel Expanded. They  even  Planted More Home Cells and Branches Compared to Previous Years. This Shoes The Necessity Of Why A Church Should Be Socially And Technologically Upward In Thinking. The 21st Century Church Must Move Church From The Ground To The Cloud To Experience Continuity Or A Going Concern System.



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  • Good And Proper Accounting Records Of Church Funds

The Church In Times Past Has Been Mocked For Financial Indiscipline. You Sometimes Hear People Saying A Pastor Steals Church Funds. These Are Mostly Being Curbed Now Because Good Church Accounting Software Like SAP,ERP, QUICBOOKS, SAGE And Lots More Have Made It Easy For Proper Accounting Records To Be Kept. The Account Software Is Being Connected To Several Branches, No Withdrawals Are Being Made Until There Step-By Step Approval.

This Has Actually Made The Church More Financially Responsible At All Levels





I am very sure this post will expose churches to the tech advantages available to be explored in the 21st century, There are various ways listed here that will help all church leaders.



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