February 29, 2024
THE TRUTH EXPOSED!!! 5 Things God Cannot Do (No 4 Is Shocking)

THE TRUTH EXPOSED!!! 5 Things God Cannot Do (No 4 Is Shocking)

THE TRUTH EXPOSED!!! 5 Things God Cannot Do (No 4 Is Shocking)

From Childhood We Were wired to believe that God Can Do Everything But This Post Will Shockingly Reveal To You 5 Things God Cannot Do.

God is The Alpha And Omega, He is The Beginning And The End. He Knows The End From The Beginning. No force, entity, human being or system understands him fully. But He can be predictable in certain ways based on the things he cannot do

This post is set to expose the things God cannot do. Do well to actively engage in the comments section so we can get your point of view on this topic.




Number 23:19 categorically states that he is not a son of man that he should lie, neither a son of man that he should repent. Only men have the capacity to lie and repent. Lying as we know from scriptures is the core nature of the devil, and that can never be found in God. This is a major thing God cannot do. If he is ever found lying, Check it well Its not God.



God is a God of plans, strategy, direction, foresight, accuracy and specificity in all things. The creative capacity of God demonstrated in the physiological and anatomical framework of the human body, all you can see is Divinity in creativity. The bible said he knows the end from the beginning. That is to say he is the master planner. He cannot make mistakes, he has never made one. The book Of Jeremiah 29:11 talks about the thoughts and plans he has for us are not of evil but of good , to specifically bring us to the already prepared plans for is children.

Deuteronomy 32:4 New International Version (NIV) Says ,He is the Rock, his works are perfect, and all his ways are just. A faithful God who does no wrong, upright and just is he.
God is not capable to make mistakes because of his nature of perfection.

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The Surprising  Thing about the system of The GODHEAD Is that it seems that there is some sort  restrictive force or power limiting God from praising Himself . The scriptures  talks of how stones will rise up to praise God if Men refuse to do so. God essentially created man and everything on the earth for his praise and glory. God is not proud hence, its only a proud man that praises himself. God basically resists the proud and gives  grace to the humble.

God therefore lacks the capacity to praise himself, instead of him to praise himself, inanimate objects will praise him at his command.


THE TRUTH EXPOSED!!! 5 Things God Cannot Do (No 4 Is Shocking)



This is one of the thing that amazes me forever. How can something with Life not sleep at all. This explains His supremacy and sovereignty in all things. The scriptures call him the one who watches over Israel who neither sleeps  nor slumbers.  Come to think Of It, If God slept for a minute we would all be gone. Because the dark forces of this world are desperate to turn it upside down at the slightest opportunity.

You can call him  the Controller General of the Universe. He watches over everything , even the slightest animal. He is God all by himself. God cannot breakdown , he is always in his throne watching the whole world unlike satan who runs to and fro seeking whom to devour.

This is not about God not being able to sleep, its about the fact that he Cannot  sleep…


5 Things God Cannot Do



God is called the righteous Judge, He doesn’t take sides, he cannot take bribe, he cannot be swindled. His judgements are true and fair in view. God cannot be partial. God Judges from the point of love and in him there is no variableness or  a shadow of turning.


With the above article i am sure you have been able to see the things God cannot do. Please we would love to hear from you in the comment section


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